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Charteris and Barnes CC offers affirmative action jobs and opportunities for all staff to prosper.

We value and nurture our articled clerks, trainee accountants, auditors, chartered accountants and consultants whether you have joined us for vacation work, article training or permanent placement.

We have always taken a leading role in the accounting profession in the area of affirmative action and capacity building in the new South Africa. Our accounting firm has been proactive in addressing the imbalances in South African society since the 1980's, when we made a commitment to recruit and train previously disadvantaged staff in the Eastern Cape region.

Our Affirmative Action Objectives:

• We actively redress the imbalances of the past
• We aim our efforts at the recruitment, retention and development of previously disadvantaged professionals in the Eastern Cape area
• We commit substantial resources to building capacity and development while maintaining our standard of excellence
• We offer extensive training and development opportunities for all our staff
• We offer external training courses as well as hands-on training
• We believe in personal growth by fostering a learning environment to realize your true potential
• We participate in education and the transfer of skills in order to build capacity in previously disadvantaged communities.
• We are committed to continuing Professional Education, run by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Our Professional Pledge

We pledge to

• give people from disadvantaged communities opportunities of employment and advancement within the firm.
• give prospective trainee accountants bursaries for their university fees.
• provide a monitoring programme to assist them with their studies.
• transfer knowledge and skills to all previously disadvantaged professionals with whom we come into contact on a formal and informal basis.
• offer our library facilities, by prior arrangement, to post graduate students from disadvantaged communities.

Our Community-Building Commitment

Due to the nature of our profession and our expertise, we make a significant contribution to enhancing capacity and the RDP in the following ways:

• Advisor's to Government at a regional level
• Development of previously disadvantaged entrepreneurs in the small and medium sector
• Assisting non-government organisations (NGO's)
• Capacity building of previously disadvantaged groups

Charteris and Barnes CC also has a very active Corporate Social Investment programme, which means taking on pro-bono projects that benefit Eastern Cape communities.

• Several pro-bono and CSI projects including the administration of the Save the Children place of safety in Mlungisi that provides a home for orphaned children and those who have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. These children deserve a second chance in life and, should you want to assist them, please get into contact with our Queenstown office on (045) 8392008.

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